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Meet Our Goldhen Girls!

The time had come to get the chicks!  After weeks of research and discussion amongst each other, we each chose a breed for our backyard flock.  Here are our picks:
The Rooster's choice:Easter Egger - Green eggs and a sweet disposition

Our girls' choice:Plymouth Barred Rock - Great layer with decorative coloration
ChickinBoots' choice:Buff Orpington - Solid winter layer, attractive and docile
(Breed descriptions provided by the book A Chicken in Every Yard
The day we picked up our brooder box supplies the Rooster and I talked with Healing Ponds Farm and Garden Store about our breed choices.  We learned that in order to get the chicks we wanted we would have to compromise getting day-old chicks for 2 and 3 week-old chicks due to their availability and age compatibility. After doing some thinking the Rooster and I decided that in the long run the breed type was more important to us than the age so we decided to move forward. Besides, 2 and 3 week-old chick are still small and cu…

Preparing the Brooder Box

The time had come to pick up the chick supplies!  We had planned to do all our shopping at the Urban Farm Store, but recently the Portland area went through a snow and ice storm that caused the store's roof to collapse. Thankfully no people or animals were injured, but we were saddened to hear the store would now be closed until further notice.
Due to circumstances at the Urban Farm Store we had to change our plans and find a new store. After some quick research we found Healing Ponds Farm and Garden Store located in Beaverton, OR. Not only did they sell farm and garden supplies, chicks and ducklings, but also sold pastured raw milk, pastured meats, pastured eggs and ferments. Now this was our kind of place! 
The woman that was working the day we stopped in to purchase our supplies was incredibly friendly, knowledgable and helpful. She loaded us up with all the chick necessities and allowed us to loiter and watch the chicks for a good 45 minutes.  The girls were sad when it cam…

Doing Some Research

Let's do this!  Now that we have read our how-to book, called the city planner and told the neighbors our minds are swirling with ideas as well as questions about how to get prepared for the chicks. What better place to start our research than at the chicken store owned by the authors of the book we read, A Chicken in Every Yard . 

We made a field trip to the Urban Farm Store in Portland, Oregon.  With my first step in the door I knew I was going to love this place!  On my left was a shelf holding gorgeous fermenting crocks and beautiful blocks of beeswax.  On my right were shelves lined with rubber boots in an array of colors and a display of books covering topics from chicken care to fermenting to gardening.  Now what caught my children's eye was completely different; CHICKENS!  Real, live, chickens!  Their feet couldn't have carried them faster to the back of the store where our future feathered friends were being kept.  It was love at first sight.  For the next 10 minut…

Telling the Neighbors...

One of my biggest anxieties about preparing for our chickens was telling the neighbors.  What if one neighbor put up such a stink that it derailed our plans?  I was so nervous about this step that I actually tried to enlist the Rooster for the job.  Then it dawned on me...why not have our 5-year-old daughter come with me to tell each neighbor?  How could they say no to a cute, little girl?
On our chosen "tell all" day I had my daughter practice what she was going to say. Once I felt she was up for the challenge, the girls and I went from neighbor to neighbor to share our plan.  Each time my daughter perfectly executed the following lines: "We are going to get chickens.  No roosters, just three hens.  If they are noisy, please call us." My 2-year-old daughter then politely handed over a small piece of paper with our name and phone number.  

Here were the neighbors' reactions:

Neighbor #1 - "Oh fun!  I actually wanted chickens when my girls were young."


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