Monday, February 10, 2014

Doing Some Research

Let's do this!  Now that we have read our how-to book, called the city planner and told the neighbors our minds are swirling with ideas as well as questions about how to get prepared for the chicks. What better place to start our research than at the chicken store owned by the authors of the book we read, A Chicken in Every Yard .

We made a field trip to the Urban Farm Store in Portland, Oregon.  With my first step in the door I knew I was going to love this place!  On my left was a shelf holding gorgeous fermenting crocks and beautiful blocks of beeswax.  On my right were shelves lined with rubber boots in an array of colors and a display of books covering topics from chicken care to fermenting to gardening.  Now what caught my children's eye was completely different; CHICKENS!  Real, live, chickens!  Their feet couldn't have carried them faster to the back of the store where our future feathered friends were being kept.  It was love at first sight.  For the next 10 minutes they grinned and giggled as they watched the chickens through the wire cage.

The salespeople at the Urban Farm Store were extremely friendly and helpful.  After we explained to them our chicken background and that we came to do research, they gave us some useful information about choosing a brooder box (a brooder box is where you keep your baby chicks before they are old enough to go outside in the coop). We mentioned that our original thought was to purchase a galvanized tub for the brooder and then repurpose it into a vegetable garden container after the chicks moved into the coop. He said that was a good plan, but pointed out that the tubs can be expensive.  He suggested using Farm Innovators Baby Chick Starter Home Kit as an inexpensive alternative.

Here are some pros and cons we came up with for the Farm Innovators Baby Chick Starter Home Kit :

washable and reusable
collapsable for easy storage 
comes with an adjustable height brooder lamp

no base
no wire top for when chicks start to fly out

Decisions, decisions.....

For all you chicken farmers out there or those of you who know others who've gone through this experience: What do you suggest for a brooder box?  Photos welcome!

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