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Meet Our Goldhen Girls!

The time had come to get the chicks!  After weeks of research and discussion amongst each other, we each chose a breed for our backyard flock.  Here are our picks:

The Rooster's choice: Easter Egger - Green eggs and a sweet disposition

Our girls' choice: Plymouth Barred Rock - Great layer with decorative coloration

ChickinBoots' choice: Buff Orpington - Solid winter layer, attractive and docile

(Breed descriptions provided by the book A Chicken in Every Yard

The day we picked up our brooder box supplies the Rooster and I talked with Healing Ponds Farm and Garden Store about our breed choices.  We learned that in order to get the chicks we wanted we would have to compromise getting day-old chicks for 2 and 3 week-old chicks due to their availability and age compatibility. After doing some thinking the Rooster and I decided that in the long run the breed type was more important to us than the age so we decided to move forward. Besides, 2 and 3 week-old chick are still small and cute!

There was a lot of excitement and surprises the day we picked up the chicks.  Expect the unexpected, right?

Surprise #1
We got our first surprise the morning we showed up at Healing Ponds to pick up our chicks.  The store had gotten in an unexpected batch of newly hatched chicks, which included the Ameraucana and Buff Orpington. This now made it possible for us to purchase day-old chicks in the breeds we wanted, as well as a very small 2 week-old Plymouth Barred Rock.  Healing Ponds boxed up our chicks and we happily headed home to the sound of their tiny cheeps.

The Girls

Surprise #2
We weren't home for more than two hours when we got our next surprise.  Healing Ponds called to tell us that there was a mix up with the newly hatched chicks they received and what they thought were the Ameraucana and the Buff Orpington were actually a Brown Leghorn and a Buff Santa Clair. Whoops! 
We returned to the store, swapped out the day-old chicks for a 2 week-old Easter Egger and a 3 week-old Buff Orpington and once again happily headed home.

Without further ado, here are our sweet chicks...

Introducing the real Goldhen Girls!

Our Goldhen Girls

Edna - The sweet, curious Easter Egger

Agnes - The young, quiet Plymouth Barred Rock

Nelly Dean - The friendly, motherly Buff Orpington

The Goldhen Girls are such sweet chicks.  We couldn't be any happier!  Stay tuned for more chicken adventures.  

Thanks for reading!


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