Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Little Chicken Tender

The Rooster and I have been pleasantly surprised at how our daughters have taken to the Goldhen Girls, particularly our 5-year-old daughter.  She handles the chicks with a natural ease and has happily taken responsibility for a lot of the "chicken chores." She helps feed them daily and even begs to clean up chicken poop! We now dub her our Little Chicken Tender and she wears the name proudly.

When handling the chicks, Little Chicken Tender makes sure she spends equal time with each one.  She starts with one chick, cradles her, talks to her, plays with her and then moves on to the next.  If we would let her, Little Chicken Tender would continue for hours with this rotation of care, but the Rooster and I usually have to coax her away once we see the Goldhen Girls growing tired.  Just the other day Little Chicken Tender was in the middle of her chicken handling routine when she calmly announced, "Mom, Edna just pooped on me."  I was quite impressed with her composed reaction because this poop was everywhere; all over her hand and on Nelly Dean. She quietly cleaned herself up and then went back to playing with the chicks as if nothing happened. Now that's a farm girl for you! 

Little Chicken Tender's diligence in handling the Goldhen Girls has paid off because now they like to be held and are eating from the palms of our hands.We are so proud of our Little Chicken Tender and we hope this is just the beginning of a new found passion. Who knows? Maybe having a backyard flock will one day lead her to become a local farmer, a vet, an animal rights advocate or simply to have a deeper respect for animals. Whatever it may be, dream big and follow your passion, Little Chicken Tender.  We are here to support you.

Our family petting the Goldhen Girls in the brooder box
Illustrated by Little Chicken Tender

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