Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Bitty Bantam

While Little Chicken Tender took to the Goldhen Girls instantly, the Bitty Bantam, our almost 3-year-old, was quite the opposite.  Right away she liked the chickens, but they definitely made her nervous. Every time she would spend time with them she would smile and giggle, but would never pick one up. Instead she would pet a chick while someone else was holding one. And their poop, well, she was quite disgusted.

After a few weeks of the Goldhen Girls being home, the Rooster and I watched the Bitty Bantam's confidence grow. With a serious look on her face she would lean into the brooder box and barely pick up a chick around the middle and quickly drop it back inside.  Then one day it finally dawned on me to just place one in her lap while she was sitting and see what happened.  Boy, was that a game changer!

It took only one time of putting the Goldhen Girls in her lap to make her feel comfortable and she now confidently picks them up and handles them just like her big sister.  Our Bitty Bantam is quite proud of her accomplishment.  Now for their poop, she still has the same sentiment. 

Thanks for reading about our chicken adventure!  

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