Tuesday, March 25, 2014

There's a Hen on Your Head!

Keeping our energetic girls entertained is no easy feat.  Everyday I am searching for activities to keep them busy. When I ask them to play on their own it turns into running around the house chasing one another or using the couches as a jungle gym.

Then the Goldhen Girls came along and what a blessing they have been.  Now, if I find myself desperately searching for an activity to keep them at bay for 20 minutes I tell them to go play with the chickens.  During this chicken time the girls have created several games they like to play and I would like to highlight two of my favorite events to spectate. 

(Note: No chickens are harmed during these games.)

Game #1: The Human Roost
The goal is to get all three chickens to roost on your arms.  One sister stands still with her arms out-stretched while the other sister catches the chickens then places them on their arms. This game involves a lot of chasing and a lot patience by all participants. 

Game #2: There's a Hen on Your Head!
Just the other day The Human Roost evolved into what I call "There's a Hen on Your Head!"  It is quite simple. All the girls do is take a chicken and balance it on their head.  Hilarious, but kind of disgusting.  I complimented the girls on their game creativity, but had to end this event quickly due to cleanliness. And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I gave the girls a good scrub down in the bath afterward. 

Thank you, Goldhen Girls, for this gift of entertainment you have given us.  And for any parent out there that is constantly searching for entertaining and life learning activities for your children, just get some chickens.  As you can tell by the size of our hens, it is almost time for them to move to the backyard.  I can only imagine the new games that our girls will create once the Goldhen Girls are permanently outside. Whatever it is, I am sure it will be quite entertaining.

Thanks for reading!

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