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"The Saltbox" Chicken Coop

The coop is here!  The Goldhen Girls have moved into their new coop and are enjoying the new and improved backyard sanctuary. But first I would like to take the time to review the coop for those of you interested in getting backyard chickens and are thinking about purchasing a coop kit.

We purchased "The Saltbox" Chicken Coop from My Pet Chicken.  I would like to start by saying their customer service was outstanding! We had originally ordered "The Clubhouse" coop, but manufacturing/shipping delays kept pushing back the arrival date. In one phone call, My Pet Chicken Customer Service happily helped us change our coop order to The Saltbox and it arrived promptly the following week.

The Saltbox was delivered on a wooden pallet in two securely packed boxes.  I immediately pulled out all parts of the coop to inspect them for damage then placed all pieces outside under our covered patio. My Pet Chicken recommends airing out your coop for approximately a week before movi…

Big Al and The Chicken Ranchers

My sister, niece and my sister's boyfriend, The Chicken Ranchers, were the ones that influenced The Rooster and I the most in getting backyard chickens.  Since 2012 they have been raising several chickens for eggs and entertainment on their wooded 5-acres in Idaho.  Every time their chickens are brought up in conversation big smiles come to their faces and they laugh and rave about their humorous ways.  The Chicken Ranchers especially light up when they talk about their very small rooster, named Albert.  His crazy antics made him a fast favorite.   Although bantam in size, Albert thinks he is larger than life and doesn't hesitate to chase away any unwelcome visitors, including my sister.   

An aggressive, undersized rooster, but still their favorite.

Just last weekend I was saddened to hear The Chicken Ranchers lost two of their chickens, one of them being Albert.  He has been missing for several days now and they don't expect his return.  The Chicken Ranchers are all pret…

Free at Last...Well, Sort of...

The Goldhen Girls finally got a taste of freedom.  Their first adventure outdoors was in our empty fenced-in garden area.  While appearing to be on high alert and a bit skidderish, I could tell they were in chicken heaven.  After a few days of allowing them to roam the garden and get acquainted with the outdoors, we allowed them full access to the backyard.  Although they appeared to love this new found freedom, much of their time was spent at the sliding glass door peering inside.

The Goldhen Girls' new outdoor adventure got really exciting when we introduced Kramer into mix. After his initial excitement of having chickens in his backyard, he grew bored with them and became very interested in their poop. Yes, our dog likes to eat chicken poop.  GROSS!

It appears like we got the Goldhen Girls all settled into the backyard, but there have been a couple of hiccups that have actually set us back a few weeks in moving them permanently outside.  First, we just laid sod in our backyard wh…

The Duck Dive

"You are what your animals eat."  This is Scratch and Peck Feed's slogan that we fully stand behind. Family owned and operated in Bellingham, Washington, their feed is 100% local, organic and GMO Free.  Thank you, Brook, at FOODTREK Holistic Nutrition for recommending that we feed this product to our chickens and Healing Ponds Farm and Garden Store for carrying this high quality feed.
If you have a few minutes to spare, you must watch Scratch and Peck Feed's entertaining YouTube video titled "From Farm to Feed." I love it!

Once a month we drive about 20 minutes to Healing Ponds to pick up our Scratch and Peck Feed and it is worth it. Not only are we getting quality feed, but it also feels a bit like visiting a Petting Zoo. During our recent visit to Healing Ponds to purchase some feed, the girls took joy in observing the ducklings that were being kept in a large feeding trough.  This brooder set-up made it irresistible for them to want to lean in and pet one.

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