Friday, April 18, 2014

Big Al and The Chicken Ranchers

My sister, niece and my sister's boyfriend, The Chicken Ranchers, were the ones that influenced The Rooster and I the most in getting backyard chickens.  Since 2012 they have been raising several chickens for eggs and entertainment on their wooded 5-acres in Idaho.  Every time their chickens are brought up in conversation big smiles come to their faces and they laugh and rave about their humorous ways.  The Chicken Ranchers especially light up when they talk about their very small rooster, named Albert.  His crazy antics made him a fast favorite.   Although bantam in size, Albert thinks he is larger than life and doesn't hesitate to chase away any unwelcome visitors, including my sister.   


An aggressive, undersized rooster, but still their favorite.

Just last weekend I was saddened to hear The Chicken Ranchers lost two of their chickens, one of them being Albert.  He has been missing for several days now and they don't expect his return.  The Chicken Ranchers are all pretty heartbroken, especially our sweet niece.  I am happy that they were able to catch one of Albert's shenanigans on video to serve as a reminder of the rooster they once loved.

Rest in peace, Big Al.  You will be missed.

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