Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Free at Last...Well, Sort of...

The Goldhen Girls finally got a taste of freedom.  Their first adventure outdoors was in our empty fenced-in garden area.  While appearing to be on high alert and a bit skidderish, I could tell they were in chicken heaven.  After a few days of allowing them to roam the garden and get acquainted with the outdoors, we allowed them full access to the backyard.  Although they appeared to love this new found freedom, much of their time was spent at the sliding glass door peering inside.

The Goldhen Girls' new outdoor adventure got really exciting when we introduced Kramer into mix. After his initial excitement of having chickens in his backyard, he grew bored with them and became very interested in their poop. Yes, our dog likes to eat chicken poop.  GROSS!

It appears like we got the Goldhen Girls all settled into the backyard, but there have been a couple of hiccups that have actually set us back a few weeks in moving them permanently outside.  First, we just laid sod in our backyard which means we had to move the chickens out of the backyard temporarily. Luckily, we have a fenced side yard.  It's small with no grass, but it will do the job while we wait. Second, there has been a delay in the shipment of the coop. We have resolved this set-back by having the chickens roam free in the side yard during the day and then we put them back in their brooder box at night.  A little bit of juggling, but I know the wait will be worth it in the end.

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