Friday, May 30, 2014

Upcycling: Repurposing an Old Dog Crate

Underneath our play structure we have a large sandbox for Little Chicken Tender and Bitty Bantam, but unfortunately the Goldhen Girls have taken it over for their pleasure of dust bathing.  I love watching the chickens take dust baths, but I don't want them to bathe where my kids play if I can help it. I understand why they have chosen this of all places for their daily cleanse because it's dry sand. In the Pacific Northwest dry, dusty soil is hard to come by.  (If you are curious about why chickens take dust baths read The Chicken Chick's Chicken Dust Bath: The Ultimate Spa Treatment.)

The Golhen Girls Dust Bathing in the Sandbox

In order to stop the Goldhen Girls from using the sandbox as their "day spa" I decided I would put a cover over it and create a new dry dust area for them.  I was determined to use something from around the house and after digging around in the shed I found our old, worn out dog crate. This isn't just any old crate.  It originally belonged to my family dog, Lucy, who we got when I was 15 years old. The crate was then passed on to good ol' Kramer boy, who has since upgraded to using our entire house as his crate.

The old, worn out crate

Lucy, the original crate owner 

Kramer, the second crate owner

I was pretty excited to repurpose this crate because not only did we save it from going into the landfill, but we also gained a ton more space in our storage shed!  After purchasing a can of spray paint and using some leftover outdoor fabric from another project, redoing the dog crate into a dust area for the chickens only cost me about $5! After completing the project I was pleased with the result, but started to wonder if my time and effort were worth it.  Were the Goldhen Girls going to use their new dust bath? About a day after putting the crate into their run, the girls had booked their appointments and were happily using their personal spa.  Bathe all you want now, girls!

Welcome to The Dust Room!

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  1. Did you use playground sand? Great idea with the crate for winter use around here.


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