Friday, May 2, 2014

Welcome to Shady Pines!

Welcome to Shady Pines!

The home of the Goldhen Girls, where the water is flowing, the grass is green and the sun is shining...well, that is at least July through September.  I, ChickinBoots, will be your tour guide today. We will be making 4 stops along the Shady Pines property: The Main Gate, The Coop, The Water System, and The Warden.  Don't hesitate to ask questions during the tour and please, sit back and enjoy the ride!

The Gate
Our first stop is The Gate which is the barrier that keeps the Goldhen Girls within the property lines of Shady Pines when not free-ranging. Expertly installed by our very own Rooster, only once did we have escapees.  This problem was quickly solved with a bit of hardware cloth and zip ties.

The Coop
Follow me as we proceed to our second stop, The Coop. It is a lovely "Saltbox" design by My Pet Chicken, again, constructed by the Rooster.  Hardware cloth was installed to the bottom to keep pests and predators out.  This coop has been a pleasant safe haven for the Goldhen Girls.  Read here for a detailed review of this coop.

The Watering System
Moving right along; our third stop is The Watering System.  The Goldhen Girls are provided with 5 long lasting gallons of fresh water from Drip-Chick 1 "Basic" from AutoWaterKit.  The chickens drink from this system using the convenient poultry drink cups that are gravity fed by the 5 gallon water bucket.  If you have time, visit to learn more details about this great watering system.

The Warden
Our last stop along the Shady Pines tour is a very important one, The Warden.  Meet Yoda, our almighty guardian owl.  Recommended by The Chicken Chick, Yoda keeps predators away such as hawks and owls.  From the start Yoda has done his job well.  Upon introduction, he scared our resident dog Kramer, causing him to bark and his hair to stand on end.  Luckily, since their first encounter Yoda and Kramer have made peace with each other and realize they are on the same team safe guarding the Goldhen Girls.

That concludes our tour of Shady Pines today.  I hope you enjoyed yourself.  Please visit again for updates to Shady Pines and bring a friend with you, too!

Thanks for reading!

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