Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tips From Our Junior Blogger: Chicken First Aid Kit

Tuesday's Tip From Our Junior Blogger
Chicken tending tips straight from the mouth of a Kindergartener!

Chicken First Aid Kit

You need a First Aid Kit for chickens in case they get hurt or sick. You have to put the sick chicken in a cage by themself so other chickens don't get sick.  To make them feel better you can give them medicine or you can use foods and plants like honey, coconut oil and molasses.

Things you need:
box - to put all your stuff in
bandages/gauze - for their boo boos
nail clippers - in case you need to clip their nails
scissors - just in case you need to cut their gauze and bandages
tub - just in case you need to give your chicken a bath
gloves - so you don't get the chicken's sickness
different kinds of medicines, food, plants and ointments** - for boo boos
old towels - so you don't get your new ones dirty
box or dog crate - to put your chicken in if you need to take them to the veterinarian

**The Junior Blogger and I discovered through our research that there are two approaches to treating your chickens:

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