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Tips From Our Junior Blogger: Healthy Things to Put in Your Chickens' Water

Tuesday's Tip From Our Junior Blogger
Chicken tending tips straight from the mouth of a Kindergartener!

Healthy Things to Put in Your Chickens' Water

Put these things in your chickens' water to make them healthier and to give them vitamins:

Garlic - Put some garlic in the water.  Do this because when the bugs get on their feathers the bugs say "Eww, this chicken smells like garlic!" They will fly off to another chicken and keep saying "Eww, this chicken smells like garlic!"

Apple Cider Vinegar - Put some of this in your chickens' water.  It's kind of stinky, but it's good for them and helps keep their water container clean.

Herbal Tea - Put some herbs in water and make your chickens tea.

Blackstrap Molasses - If chickens have too much of this it can give them diarrhea. Gross! Just poor a little in their water so they don't get diarrhea.

Vegetable Cooking Water - Save the water you cooked your veggies in and give it to your chickens.  They will like it!

Please refer to Fresh Eggs Daily's Ultimate Chicken Care Guide for more information about caring and treating your chickens naturally. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Great post! I can just picture the bugs hopping from chicken to chicken, saying 'eeew, you taste like garlic.'

  2. Thank you! I learned a lot from your post. Thank you for your time and work. Nice job!

  3. I love the junior blogger tips. Keep them coming!

  4. Nice post! We just adopted chicks for the 1st time and this is helpful. Thanks!

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