Monday, December 22, 2014

Tips From Our Junior Blogger: How to Make a Chicken Scratch Wreath

Tuesday's Tip From Our Junior Blogger
Chicken tending tips straight from the mouth of a Kindergartener!

How to Make a Chicken Scratch Wreath
I am making this wreath as a Christmas present to my chickens.

Cooking Spray
Bundt Pan
1/2 Cup Cool Water
3 Packets of Gelatin
1 1/2 Cups Boiling Water
1 Cup Bacon Grease or Coconut Oil*
8 Cups of Raisins and Seeds
20 Cranberries

My Mom didn't have bacon grease so we used coconut oil.*
(Coconut oil melts at a lower temperature and because our Junior Blogger lives in a colder climate it held the wreath together.  If you live in a warm climate we suggest that you use bacon or hamburger grease.)

Here is what I did:
Spray the pan.  
Make sure you have 20 cranberries.  Put them in a tiny bowl and put aside.  
Pour seeds and raisins in a big bowl.  Stir them up.  
Get another bowl that is medium size and put 3 bag of gelatin in. Stir cold water in the gelatin.  Now pour boiling water in with the gelatin.
Mix all your stuff together expect for the cranberries.
Put the cranberries in the bottom of the pan.
Pour the seeds and raisins on top.
Put in the freezer or refrigerator for the night.

When you get up in the morning take your treat out of the pan, put a bow on it and give it to the chickens. At first my chickens were afraid of it, but now they really like it!  

For more detailed instructions of how to make the chicken scratch wreath please refer to  Fresh Eggs Daily:

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