Monday, January 26, 2015

Tips From Our Junior Blogger: Ameraucana vs. Easter Egger

Chicken Tips From Our Junior Blogger
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Ameraucana vs. Easter Egger

First when we got our chicks we thought that Edna was an Ameraucana.  But when she grew up as a chicken she was actually an Easter Egger.  Lisa Steele from Fresh Eggs Daily taught us the difference in her blog.  

Do you want to know the difference?  The differences are: 

Have muffs/beards
Only lay blue eggs
Only have pea combs
They have blue legs
They have tails

Easter Egger
Some have muffs/beads and some don't
They lay any color of egg
Have any kind of comb
They have any color legs
Some have tails and some don't

For more information on the differences between an Ameraucana and Easter Egger read Fresh Eggs Daily's article: Ameraucana vs. Araucana vs. Easter Egger - The Blue Egg Layers.


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