Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chicken Combs

Chicken Combs
By Nelly Dean

One feature that makes us chickens so unique and beautiful is our lovely comb.  Combs vary in size, color and shape depending on our age, gender and breed. 

(*The illustrations of the combs are not drawn with 100% accuracy.  In this post the illustrations are being used as a fun way to show the different types of chicken combs.) 

Single - The single comb is the type of comb that most people recognize because it appears on many US breeds.  It stands straight up or flaps over.  Being a Buff Orpington hen, this is the kind of comb that I have on my head.

Pea - The pea comb is medium sized with three ridges running lengthwise.  My flock mate, who is an Easter Egger, has a lovely pea comb.

Rose - The rose comb is tube shaped and ends in a pointed spike.  The front section has small, round bumps on it's surface.

Cushion - The cushion comb is small, smooth and round.

Strawberry - The strawberry comb is similar to the cushion comb, but has a rough, bumpy surface similar to a strawberry.

V-Shaped - The V-shaped comb has two thick points extending from the comb base.  Crevecoeurs, Houdans, La Fleche, Polish and Sultans are all breeds with V-shaped combs.  Sometimes these combs are called v-combs, horn combs or antler combs.

Buttercup - The buttercup comb is similar to the single comb, but is shaped like a crown.  This comb is found on the Sicilian Buttercup breed.

Walnut - The walnut comb is medium sized and gets it's name from the fact that it looks similar to a walnut shell.  It is said that this type of comb is derived from the rose and pea combs.  Silkie chickens have a walnut comb.

Carnation - The carnation comb is also know as the king's comb and is specific to the Penedesenca chicken breed from Spain.  It's similar to the single comb, but has extra lobes (or points) in the back.

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