Monday, August 10, 2015

Orange Peel Coop Cleaner

Orange Peel Coop Cleaner
By Nelly Dean

I can't stand going to roost at night in a stinky coop.  The ammonia smell from all that chicken poop makes my eyes water and in the morning I wake up not feeling well. To clean your coop, have you ever used the Orange Peel White Vinegar Coop Cleaner from Fresh Eggs Daily?  I love this particular cleaner because it smells better than bleach, it's all natural and it's multi-purpose!   How is it multi-purpose, you ask? 

White vinegar kills mold and is an ant repellent.  
Citrus oil is a natural insect repellent and solvent.
Cinnamon oil kills mosquito larvae.
Vanilla bean repels flies, mosquitos and other insects.

This cleaner is so easy to make even our Junior Blogger can whip up a batch of this awesome stuff in about 5 minutes!  Give it a try!

4 oranges
2 cinnamon sticks
2 vanilla beans
bottle of white vinegar
2 one-pint canning jars
spray bottle

Peel the oranges and divide the peels between the two canning jars. Break the cinnamon sticks in half and add to jars.  Slit the vanilla bean and add to jars.  Pour the vinegar in each jar making sure to cover the peels.  Leave some headroom in each jar.  Put on the lids and set on counter to age.  Shake jar every couple of days.  In a week or two the mixture will start to smell fragrant which means it is ready to use.  Strain liquid into the spray bottle.  

This cleaner is great to use full-strength on roosting bars or it can be mixed with water and used on coop floors and wall. You can even use this is your very own kitchen.

Happy Cleaning! 

Thanks for reading!

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