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I Know a Few of You Who Need This...

"Crazy Chicken Lady on Board" Bumper Sticker!
Now available in the shop!

Chickens Are Taking Over Cellular Devices!

New to the shop: Chicken Case/Cover for all types of devices! Available in purple, pink, blue and green!
Come take a look here!

Without My Pets...

Crazy Chicken Lady Starter Kit!

Pets Have Superpower

Pets have amazing healing power!

Chicken Boots Boots - Now Bilingual!

Did you know I have children's books that are not only in English, but also in Spanish/English? 
Now Available on Amazon!
English Version: Chicken Boots - Amazon:

Chicken Boots: Bad Dog! - Amazon:

Spanish/English Version: Chicken Boots -

Chicken Boots: Bad Dog -

What Would We Do Without Pets?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  
Check out our newly released 2016 Calendar!

We also added a fun new collection "Better on the Farm" to the Zazzle Shop!

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My 2nd Book Is Also Available on Amazon