Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lily the Lamb

I get asked by ChickinBoots fans to create custom illustrations of their pets and I find such joy in it.

Meet Janell, a woman with a heart of gold and a passion for rescuing animals.  Over the years Janell has taken in dwarf mini horses, horses, an alpaca, a dwarf cow, sheep, goats and dogs.

Janell with her beloved Little Bit.

Recently Janell asked me to create a couple of different custom illustrations of her rescues: one of her 10 dwarf mini horses she loving calls The Biscuits, and one of her special needs lamb, Lily. The story of Lily melted my heart.  

Meet Lily. 

Lily, the runt of triplet lambs, was born unable to walk because of three bad legs and was very close to death. Knowing Janell's passion for rescuing animals, the vet called her for help and of course Janell rescued the lamb!  When Janell took Lily in she was just 5 hours old and weighed less than 2 pounds  Because Lily has 3 bad legs, Janell made her a quad wheelchair from PVC pipe. She can walk without it, but the vet thinks putting her in a stroller will strengthen her legs and help take some of her weight off of them. 

I am happy to report that Lily just turned 13 weeks and is now almost 30 pounds! Janell and Lily take it one day at a time and because of Janell's heart of gold and passion, I know Lily is going to have a wonderful life.

Lily wearing her
amethyst healing stones.

You can follow Janell and Lily's journey on Facebook:

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