Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Backyard Farm Girl Problems #201: I Can't Believe My Dog Eats This!

I love my dog.  I really do.  But sometimes he drives me crazy. Kramer, our suburban "flock dog," is a sweet ll-year-old yellow lab. And if you know anything about labs, they will eat just about anything.  When we added our small flock to the backyard a couple of years ago, Kramer quickly learned that with chickens comes lots of opportunities for treats.  For example:

Chicken Feed
Our little flock free-ranges the fenced-in backyard so Kramer has easy access to the coop. When we aren't looking he quietly roams to the coop and feasts on any left over feed.

We thought we had a solution to this problem when we installed our automatic chicken door. How was Kramer going to squeeze his 70 pound body into a door opening the size of a watermelon?! Well, when there's a will there's a way...

Chicken Treats
Is it a coincidence that Kramer wants let outside every time we give the chickens food scraps?  I think not!  Sorry buddy, I know what you are up to.

Last but not least..

Chicken Poop
Yes, our dog loves to indulge in daily chicken poop.  This is so disgusting!  The positive to this situations is the patio is always clean, but I'm not so sure how good the chicken poop is for him. For all you experienced chicken owners with dogs on constant poop patrol, how do I stop him?  Has anyone tried sprinkling cayenne pepper powder like My Pet Chicken has suggested?  

Disgusted Backyard Farm Girl,

Looking for a reliable automatic chicken door? This one from My Pet Chicken is awesome!


  1. I rescued a abused dog....his name was CoCo. He would eat chicken poop and I asked the vet one time why he did this. Vet said that chicken poop contains nutrients and where CoCo had been starved and neglected he had to fend for himself and would seek out nutrients. One day we came home and found that he had knocked over the garbage and had gorged himself to the point where he was groaning on his side. We didn't punish him, for he had punished himself by doing this.

    1. Poor boy. Yes, that does sound like enough punishment. Did your vet mention anything about stopping CoCo from eating chicken poop?


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