Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Where Did She Go?

My 5-year-old daughter used to run this blog. She really did!  If you have followed ChickinBoots from the beginning, you probably remember The Junior Blogger.  Once a week my kindergartner would give advice about chicken keeping.  She would draw her pictures and then tell me what to type.  Her sweet blogging even gained attention from expert chicken keepers like Lisa Steele from Fresh Eggs Daily

So where did she go?  She is now 7-years-old and other activities have captured her attention.  She still loves her chickens and spends time with them when she can, but she has become quite the dancer and spends much of her free time at the studio.  She loves it!

Just recently she mentioned wanting to write another chicken post and with summer break approaching I think it's just the thing we will do!  In the meantime come check out some of her past blog posts. They are sure to make you smile!

Chicken Tips From Our Junior Blogger
Chicken tending tips straight from the mouth of a Kindergartner!

Ameraucana vs. Easter Egger

Healthy Things to Put in Your Chickens' Water

Chicken Combs


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