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When Life Gives You Lemons

I had a couple of internet trolls get me down last week.  After some time reflecting on the situation I decided not to share these stories because then I would be giving the trolls the attention they are looking for. Instead, I'm going to turn this situation into a positive one and share some of the great stories and posts that wonderful chickens keepers like yourself have taken the time to share with me.   Kayla B.  "Just graduated college and used your lovely ChickinBoots inspiration for my cap!!"

Jacqueline L.  "Co-parenting at it's best...these 2 sister hens had been broody for months.  I went and bought them each a chick and snuck them under the girls at night.  They are always right next to each other with a chick under each of them!"

Kelly T.  "Hi!  I don't know your religion, but my Buff Orpington hen, Crystal, got attacked by a dog yesterday and she needs lots of prayers for her recovery.  Thank you"

Kelly T.  "I don't know if you re…

I Am Losing My Mind...

Parts of our backyard look like the surface of the moon.   Why, you ask?
Because of this... We've grown tired of this drab look and are now attempting to create our backyard into a beautiful sanctuary, but achieving this has proven to be quite challenging when one has to landscape with chickens in mind.  I have had some serious ups and downs with the whole process.  One day I am thinking excitedly that incorporating chickens into a landscaped garden can be done with careful planning. Then the next day I am discouraged when I realize the chickens have taken out half my hops that were planted in a pot two feet off the ground.  
Yesterday I had a breaking moment.  I wanted to give up...either the gardening or the chickens. Having both just seems impossible.  But today I woke up determined again to make it work and I promise to share with you once I figure it all out.  I sure hope I don't lose my sanity.  Anyone have any tips besides locking the ladies up full time?
Cheers, Sarah

Win ALL These Products From Scratch and Peck Feeds!

I have partnered with Scratch and Peck Feeds for another great Giveaway!  

Scratch and Peck Feeds is based out of Bellingham, Washington. In 2012, they became the first Non-GMO Verified animal feed manufacturer in North America and in 2013, they stepped it up to become Certified Organic, the first feed manufacturer in the nation to hold both badges. To top it off, they ONLY produce Organic and Non-GMO feeds because Scratch and Peck wants to help lead this sustainable food movement by example.
This month Scratch and Peck Feeds will give one lucky winner all of the following:

2lb bag of Naturally Free Layer

6 oz of Cluckin' Good Grubs

4oz bag of Cluckin' Good Herbs

And a Logo Trucker Hat
 (Because let's face it, trucker hats are fun!)

To enter the giveaway is easy!   In the comment section below tell me your chickens' favorite treat. 
To participate you must live in the United States.
Winner will be drawn at random.  
Contest ends June 5th, 2016 at 8pm PST.  
Good Luck!  

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