Monday, June 13, 2016

I Am Losing My Mind...

Parts of our backyard look like the surface of the moon.  
Why, you ask?

Because of this...
We've grown tired of this drab look and are now attempting to create our backyard into a beautiful sanctuary, but achieving this has proven to be quite challenging when one has to landscape with chickens in mind.  I have had some serious ups and downs with the whole process.  One day I am thinking excitedly that incorporating chickens into a landscaped garden can be done with careful planning. Then the next day I am discouraged when I realize the chickens have taken out half my hops that were planted in a pot two feet off the ground.  

Yesterday I had a breaking moment.  I wanted to give up...either the gardening or the chickens. Having both just seems impossible.  But today I woke up determined again to make it work and I promise to share with you once I figure it all out.  I sure hope I don't lose my sanity.  Anyone have any tips besides locking the ladies up full time?



  1. Hey Sarah,
    You are going to want to read my new book Gardening with Chickens. I share some tips for preserving your lawn as well as your flowers and veggies! Sadly, it doesn't come out until December....but maybe I can get you a review copy earlier.....


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