Thursday, June 2, 2016

Win ALL These Products From Scratch and Peck Feeds!

I have partnered with Scratch and Peck Feeds for another great Giveaway!  

Scratch and Peck Feeds is based out of Bellingham, Washington. In 2012, they became the first Non-GMO Verified animal feed manufacturer in North America and in 2013, they stepped it up to become Certified Organic, the first feed manufacturer in the nation to hold both badges. To top it off, they ONLY produce Organic and Non-GMO feeds because Scratch and Peck wants to help lead this sustainable food movement by example.

This month Scratch and Peck Feeds will give one lucky winner all of the following:

2lb bag of Naturally Free Layer

6 oz of Cluckin' Good Grubs

4oz bag of Cluckin' Good Herbs 

And a Logo Trucker Hat
 (Because let's face it, trucker hats are fun!)

To enter the giveaway is easy!  
In the comment section below tell me your chickens' favorite treat. 
To participate you must live in the United States. 
Winner will be drawn at random.  
Contest ends June 5th, 2016 at 8pm PST.  

Good Luck!  

Shop their store: Scratch and Peck Feeds

Use Coupon Code: chickinboots10 to enjoy 10% off select items:
(Good though July 15, 2016)

Chick Starter Kit
Hen Supplement Kit
Cluckin' Good Cracked Corn
Cluckin' Good Fish Meal
Cluckin' Good Poultry Grit
Cluckin' Good Oyster Shell
Cluckin' Good Diatomaceous Earth
Cluckin’ Good Grubs
Cluckin' Good Herbs


  1. My chickens favorite treats are meal worms and hotdogs.

  2. Anything I have in my hand! The girls just love treats. And I love to spoil the girls.

  3. My chickens favorite treats are corn on the cob and meat scraps! I just love spoiling them! Hope to win!

  4. We have just started doing chickens again so they haven't had any treats yet other than the grass and weeds growing in their pen.

  5. We have just started doing chickens again so they haven't had any treats yet other than the grass and weeds growing in their pen.

  6. LOL I just placed an order on May 31!
    Well my babies are still young, so they think all treats are the best ever! Right now they love fruit! I guess it's the start of the warmer weather and a nice cool piece of fruit is the best!

  7. My girls love leftover pasta! :)

  8. My big beautiful girls love left over canned cat food , you can hear them smacking their lips as they eat it, and they also love mice .

  9. My chickens watermelon!

  10. My chickens love leftover spaghetti noodles

  11. Our hens love meal worms! Only meal worms and nothing else mixed in or they will eat around :) funny hens!

  12. My flock go crazy for crack corn. We jokingly call it chicken crack! They have been on s&p starter till they were 8 weeks and now they are on the grower and will be on the layer when the time comes. I love s&p mainly because they are local, being gmo free and organic are big bonuses! I am getting ducklings next week and they will be on s&p as well! Thank you

    1. Congrats! You won the giveaway! Please contract me with your name and mailing address!

  13. Mealworms, potato salad and horse grain! Pretty much anything I'm carrying, lol!

  14. My girls say "Phooey on meal worms"...they prefer mixed baby greens, quinoa, watermelon and grilled salmon. Not too spoiled!

  15. Sprouts and berries and some mealy worms and bread.

  16. My chicken's favorite treats are cracked corn, mixed greens, and applesauce.

  17. My girls favorite is meal worms of course, but a close second favorite is frozen blueberries, especially on hot days!

  18. Grapes! They fight over them and run around playing keep away!

  19. My girls love raisins, sunflower kernels, nuts. Anything. I spoil them like crazy!

  20. My chickens love mealworms, grapes and scratch! ❤️


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