Friday, December 30, 2016

I've Thought About Quitting

I have been feeling a bit sad over here at ChickinBoots these past few days.  Someone stole the following image that I created one year ago:

The person removed my ChickinBoots watermark and added their own page name to it.  The tampered image has now been shared hundreds of thousands of times.  My first reaction: angry, sad and frustrated.  I spend so much time creating my art and to have an image stolen out from under me and tampered with is heartbreaking.  I reached out to the page owner about taking it down. They eventually did but before agreeing to doing so had the audacity to ask me to prove to them that this image did in fact belong to ChickinBoots. Really?!

Because of my frustration and sadness I have felt this past week I actually contemplated shutting down ChickinBoots.  But after a few days of thinking things through I realized that quitting was not the answer.  If I quit I would let the people who do these kinds of things win.  I would also let down the people who support me.  I thought about my daughters and the example I would set for them if I quit. I thought about my sponsors who believe in me and how I would let them down if I quit.  And I thought about all of you, my awesome, loyal ChickinBoots followers.  I don't want to let you down.  It was several of you who reported this incident to me and rallied for me. One of you even got blocked from their page for calling them out! 

I don't want to let you down because you haven't ever let me down.  It takes a village and I love my village.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 Cheers to 2017! 
Sarah and Nelly