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Wait For It....

I decided to do it again. I am going to write another book!
If you weren't aware, I have already written two children's books. Chicken Boots and Chicken Boots - Bad Dog.  The central theme of both these books is friendship.  They are based on a true story about my daughters, their pet chickens and our good ol' family dog.
But this time I'm not writing a children's book.  I'm writing a book for crazy chicken people and the central theme of this book will be....
Wait for it... 

ChickinBoots is all about making your day a little brighter so my third book is going to be a collection of the "best of the best" ChickinBoots social media posts and it's guaranteed to make any chicken enthusiast laugh out loud. It will be the perfect gift to yourself or for your favorite crazy chicken person in your life.  Be on the lookout this fall for it's release.  You won't want to miss out!

Cheers! Sarah

Edible Flowers for Your Chickens

As we all know, chickens love to eat a lot of our plants which can be very frustrating so why not plant some nutritious flowers that you AND your chicken can eat! 
In the past, I have planted a few of the flowers listed below for my chickens and they showed no interest in eating them.  I swear they did that to torture me!  Have you tried planting any of these for your chickens?  What has been your experience with chickens and edible flowers?

The following is a list provided by Lisa at Fresh Eggs Daily:
Nasturtium Squash Blossoms Violets Marigolds Bee Balm Roses Echinacea Clover Blossoms Dandelions Yarrow Sunflowers Apple Blossoms Calendula Carnations Chrysanthemums Citrus Blossoms Elderberry Blossoms Geraniums Hibiscus  Hollyhock Impatiens Lavender  Lilac Pansy Pea Blossoms Peony Phlox Snap Dragon

Happy planting and thanks for reading!

Source: Fresh Eggs Daily

For more information about edible flowers please refer to Top Ten Edible Flowers Your Chickens Will Love by Lisa Steele

What's the Difference: Ameraucana vs. Easter Egger

I will admit that when we first embarked on our chicken journey back in 2014 I thought a chicken was a chicken. Once we started doing research we were amazed at all the breeds and their differences. My family and I quickly came to the conclusion that we needed an Ameraucana because it laid blue eggs and had a beard!  
Meet Edna, our Ameraucana...or so we thought.

When Edna laid her first egg we didn't think much about the fact that it was actually more of a mint green than blue, but as time went on we began to wonder about her breed because her glorious beard wasn't coming in. When doing some research I came across an article written by Lisa Steele with Fresh Eggs Daily called Ameraucana vs. Araucana vs. Easter Eggers - The Blue Egg Layersand this is what I learned:

Pure breed chicken, originating from South America, recognized by the APA since 1984
blue eggs pea comb muff and beard red earlobes tail blue legs light foot bottoms

Easter Egger Mixed breed chicken, not recognized b…

Fireworks and Fowl

Independence Day is quickly approaching which means friends, family, parades, BBQ's and fireworks!  But as pet owners we know how stressful fireworks can be for our pets. The Humane Society  of the United States says they see a dramatic increase in lost pets during this holiday.  They offer pet safety tips in the article  July Fourth Fireworks:  Awesome for the Humans, Terrifying for PetsI always hear in the news about the frightened dogs and cats but I am curious to hear your experience with fireworks and chickens.  Do your chickens get stressed out by the noise?

All-Natural Fly Spray

Got flies?
If you are struggling with flies in your coop try this All-Natural Fly Spray from Fresh Eggs Daily

All Natural Fly Spray 1 lime Handful of Fresh Mint Leaves Handful of Fresh Basil Leaves White Vinegar Pint Canning Jar Spray Bottle
Cut the lime in half and place in the jar.  Add the mint and basil. Pour in the vinegar until it's almost to the top.  Let it sit for a couple of weeks and shake it every few days. After two weeks remove the lime, mint and basil and pour the liquid into the spray bottle.  Now get to spraying!

The white vinegar base is an antibacterial and a disinfectant so you can also use it as a cleaner!  For more detailed information on this all-natural fly spray visit Fresh Eggs Daily.
My daughter also created her own blog post a few years ago about how to make this same fly-spray. It's so easy a kindergartener can make it!  Check it out here

Bye Bye Flies!

Beat The Heat!

It's really heating up around here.  Many parts of the country are looking at temperatures over 100 degrees!  In these hot temperatures we really need to look out for our chickens.  Signs that your chicken is over-heated is panting and holding their wings away from their body.

The following are some ways to help your chicken keep cool:

Provide shade and cold water Handle them as little as possible Give them cool treats like frozen fruit Add electrolytes to their water Provide cold water to stand in
Make sure the coop is well ventilated

Why not spoil your chickens and make these easy summer ice pops  from Lisa Steele?  Why add mint?  Mint actually has cooling properties!

Hope this helps your chickens beat the heat!  Thanks for reading!

Orange Peel Coop Cleaner

Orange Peel Coop Cleaner
To clean your coop, have you ever used the Orange Peel White Vinegar Coop Cleaner from Fresh Eggs Daily?  I love this particular cleaner because it smells better than bleach, it's all natural and it's multi-purpose!   How is it multi-purpose, you ask? 
White vinegar kills mold and is an ant repellent.   Citrus oil is a natural insect repellent and solvent. Cinnamon oil kills mosquito larvae. Vanilla bean repels flies, mosquitos and other insects.
This cleaner is so easy to make.  You can whip up a batch of this awesome stuff in about 5 minutes!  Give it a try!

Ingredients/Supplies: 4 oranges 2 cinnamon sticks 2 vanilla beans bottle of white vinegar 2 one-pint canning jars spray bottle
Directions: Peel the oranges and divide the peels between the two canning jars. Break the cinnamon sticks in half and add to jars.  Slit the vanilla bean and add to jars.  Pour the vinegar in each jar making sure to cover the peels.  Leave some headroom in each jar.  Put on the lids and…

Homemade Electrolytes For Your Chickens

Homemade Electrolytes for your Chickens

It's slowly starting to heat up here in the Pacific Northwest.  A few weeks ago we had some temperature that hit almost 90 degrees!  Cold water, frozen treats and shade are always good ideas to keep your flock cool but have you ever added electrolytes to their water? It replenishes nutrients and minerals they lose in extreme heat. Here is a recipe from Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily. Give it a try. Your chickens will thank you!

What kinds of things do you do to keep your flock cool in extreme heat?

For more information on Homemade Electrolytes read this article from Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily: Home Electrolyte Recipe
Click here to see my daughter's post on Homemade Electrolytes that she wrote when she was in Kindergarten!

Thanks for reading!

New Kid On the Block

We are going to get a cat...eventually.  
My family and I are in the infancy stages of cat planning and are mapping out the right time to bring this new critter home.  It's been fun planning  this new chapter and has allowed me to reminisce about the cat I had growing up. These fond memories remind me of how much I really do enjoy them. 
I love their attitude.
I love their sass. 
I love their independence. 
I love their moodiness.
And then it dawned on me. All these traits that I love about cats just screams to be made into a new ChickinBoots character! So without further ado, I introduce the new kid on the ChickinBoots block, CatinClogs!

I feel like CatinClogs is pretty special and needs it's own social media account separate from ChickinBoots.  CatinClogs is sure to please all cat owners with it's fun, wacky humor and I hope you take a moment to drop by or recommend it to a cat lover in your life!
Cheers to cat ownership! Sarah

A Diagram For Those Tough Decisions

Every year you are faced with the decision about whether or not you should add to your flock.  Well, think no more because I can help!

You're welcome!
Kidding aside, if you really are thinking about adding to your flock and are looking for kid-friendly breeds, check out Countryside Daily's article Chickens as Pets: 5 Kid-Friendly Chicken Breeds.  If you aren't looking to add to your flock you should still take a peek at the article for the cute photo of the girl and her chicken.  That's my daughter!

Cheers, Sarah

How It All Went Down

ChickinBoots really did begin with just a few chickens.  In 2014 my family and I decided to add some chickens to our backyard and I thought it would be fun to blog about our adventure.  
My then 5-year-old daughter took an interest in my blogging and started writing a weekly blog about raising chickens.  Anyone remember The Junior Blogger?  Her blogging skills for a Kindergartner were on point and she was even noticed by the popular blogger Lisa Steele at Fresh Eggs Daily
Here are a few of her popular blog posts:

Ameraucana vs. Easter Egger

All-Natural Fly Spray

In additional to The Junior Blogger and I blogging weekly about chickens, I was also taking daily photos for social media of my then 3-year-old with our overly friendly Buff Orpington. 

Many of you enjoyed these photos and told me to write a children's story which led me to Chicken Boots and my daily wacky ChickinBoots memes!  I hope you have enjoyed our journey as much as we have and I am super excited for what's in sto…

That's A Lot of Chicken Poop!

Wow!  I never realized how much a chicken actually poops until we got chickens 4 years ago.  If you are planning on owning chickens in the near future, let me tell you, it's A LOT!  And for all those people who already own chickens I know you will agree with me.  Gail Damerow lays (no pun intended!) it all out there in  her book The Chicken Encyclopedia: An Illustrated Reference.

Good thing  you can put all that poop to good use by composting or manure tea!  Want more scoop on chicken poop?  Check out these articles from Lisa Steele
All About Chicken Poop How to Brew Chicken Poop Fertilizer for your Garden


Chicken Boots Book Giveaway!

It's been a LONG time since I have done a book giveaway so I am holding a GIVEAWAY for a chance to win a signed copy of BOTH my books: Chicken Boots and Chicken Boots: Bad Dog

These books are based on a true story about my daughters and their beloved chicken named Nelly. The central theme in the books is friendship and are sure to please all young children, even if they don't have a pet chicken!  

To enter to win the books is easy.  Simply comment at the bottom of this blog post or in the comments on this Facebook post telling me your favorite book from your childhood and you will be entered for a chance to win.  Contest ends Monday, June 5th at 8pm (PST). You must live in the United States. Winner is selected at random.
Make sure to check back here on our blog to see if you won.

Good Luck!

If you would like to purchase Chicken Boots books they are available for purchase on Amazon or pick up a signed copy from my Etsy shop!

Embrace Your Inner Artist!

I share ChickinBoots merchandise to purchase from Zazzle, but why not make your own? I know...some of you are thinking that you are not artistic, but these kitchen towels are easy to make and can make a great project for you or the kids! 
ChickinBoots Kitchen Towels

Materials Fabric Markers Flour Sack Towels Template

Directions 1.  Pre-wash and iron and flour sack towels.
2.  Make your template.  (It doesn't have to be a chicken!) Draw your image on a piece of paper and trace it with a dark marker so that it can be seen through the flour sack towel.

3. Place template underneath the flour sack towel and trace with a fabric marker.

4.  Repeat the image as desired!

Have fun!

Do I Dare Take the Plunge?

...and by plunge I mean cat ownership.
My kids REALLYwant to get a cat.  Me, not so much.  Don't get me wrong, I like cats.  I had a cat growing up and have fond memories of my beloved pet. I would love for my kids to experience cat ownership like I did, but I have some concerns that maybe you can help me out with.

First of all, I have something called a old dog with no self control.

You see, he will indulge daily on cat poop.  I'm sure you are thinking to yourself, put it in a room he can't get to like the laundry room or garage.  Yep, I have thought of that.  Problem is the laundry room is already the "dog's room" and housing the litter box in the garage will require us to constantly have to let the cat in and out. Anyone have experience with a cat door?

Second, I am worried about it jumping up on tables and the kitchen counter.  How in the world do you prevent it from doing that? Constant training?  Tips please!

And last, but certainly not least, I am …

Did You Notice My Absence?

For those of you who have followed my blog and social media for awhile you may have noticed that I went missing for a couple of months.  I went on autopilot only posting a couple of times a week and was checking my page rarely.  I was feeling burnt out and was suffering some sort of writer's/creativity block.  I began to contemplate shutting down ChickinBoots altogether in June and started taking the proper steps. I was tired.

Then last week I started to re-evaluate the decision I was making.  Maybe because the sun was finally out after a horrible, long winter, but I took notice to the vast growth of  ChickinBoots followers.  I took notice to all the people who continued to like, comment and share my wacky chicken humor and it made me smile.  I can't give this up!  I really enjoy the ChickinBoots community.   I just needed a break to re-energize.  So I'm back and hoping to be better than ever.   My goal is to keep you laughing and smiling!
Cheers! Sarah

Did You Know That I Do This At ChickinBoots?

I'm sure you know ChickinBoots for its silly social media posts, but did you know ChickinBoots does much more?  In addition to writing and illustrating children's books and selling ChickinBoots merchandise, I work with customers and create illustrations of their pets!  I also design logos and advertisements for businesses.

Below are some examples of work that I have done for followers like you:

Custom designs make a great, unique gift for others or yourself!  I really enjoying creating designs for people of their beloved pets or business and I would love the opportunity to design a custom for you!  Message me for details.


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