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Wait For It....

I decided to do it again. I am going to write another book!
If you weren't aware, I have already written two children's books. Chicken Boots and Chicken Boots - Bad Dog.  The central theme of both these books is friendship.  They are based on a true story about my daughters, their pet chickens and our good ol' family dog.
But this time I'm not writing a children's book.  I'm writing a book for crazy chicken people and the central theme of this book will be....
Wait for it... 

ChickinBoots is all about making your day a little brighter so my third book is going to be a collection of the "best of the best" ChickinBoots social media posts and it's guaranteed to make any chicken enthusiast laugh out loud. It will be the perfect gift to yourself or for your favorite crazy chicken person in your life.  Be on the lookout this fall for it's release.  You won't want to miss out!

Cheers! Sarah

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